Jessica Rosenberg

Creative leader, designer, team builder, ideas person

Jessica has 17+ years of experience helping brands tell their stories in differentiated and breakthrough ways. She confidently declares herself as weird. She also sometimes writes in the third person for funsies.

Most recently, Jess was the Director of Brand Design & Creative at Webflow, where she led an exceptionally talented team responsible for bringing the Webflow brand to life across different mediums.

Jess's skills as a designer, creative, and leader have been shaped by working across notable companies in advertising and tech: Crispin Porter & Bogusky, Twitter, Cloudflare, MURAL, and Webflow. She is just as passionate about coming up with the big idea as she is executing on it. Jess lives in Austin, TX with her husband, 4 kiddos, and 3 doggos.

Jessica Rosenberg


Director, Brand Design & Creative at Webflow

Led the Brand Studio team comprised of web designers & Webflow developers, visual designers, copywriters, video & motion creatives, and project managers. Grew the team from 8 to 20 in two years, effectively building out Webflow's internal creative agency. Led a variety of projects including conference branding & execution, demandgen campaigns and design systems, and a variety of interactive experiences. Most recently, I led the team to reimagine Webflow's brand identity across the entire customer journey.


Head of Brand & Creative at MURAL

Led the MURAL Brand & Creative team which consisted of brand design, campaign creative, illustration, motion, video, web, creative operations, and brand copywriting functions. Grew the team from a small group to a multifaceted internal agency. Built out team processes, systems, career growth materials. Partnered with marketing colleagues to develop growth campaigns that were memorable and effective.


Head of Creative & Brand Design at Cloudflare

Led a team of brand designers, creatives, and creative ops professionals. Supported product marketing efforts, brand campaigns, experiential/events creative, and led a company-wide brand refresh in 2019. Had the incredible opportunity to lead the creative efforts for Cloudflare's 2019 IPO, which included the roadshow video, investor deck, s1, and the NYSE floor branding and day-of creative.


Design Lead at Twitter

Designer/Art Director on the Brand & Creative Studio team, Twitter's internal creative agency. Worked collaboratively with writers, video producers, Product Marketing Managers to bring new features to market, strategize creative for Twitter's owned and operated channels, and worked on educational consumer marketing initiatives.


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Senior Designer at Mindjet

Designer on the marketing team designing assets for web, software packaging, and campaigns.


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Lead Visual Designer at Sharethrough

Designed a visual design system for the Sharethrough brand. This included designing and maintaining a new website, marketing materials/promotional items, and sales presentations.


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Freelance Art Director & Designer at various advertising agencies

Spent one year as a freelance art director and visual designer working for the following advertising agencies: Goodby Silverstein & Partners, Evolution Bureau, Saatchi LA, McCann Erickson / MRM, and Mekanism


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Interactive Designer & Art Director at Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Concepted, art directed, and designed integrated campaigns for Volkswagen, Burger King, Coke Zero, and American Express. Learned a ton about creative storytelling in differentiated, crazy, and attention-grabbing ways. Crash course in digital advertising, and during a time when it was just starting to be defined.


Art Director & Designer at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners

Art directed and designed the Wendy's Breakfast campaign, along with their packaging and interior/exterior signage. Worked on campaigns for Martha Stewart, Cîroc Vodka, Don Julio Tequila, Panasonic, and Tab Energy.


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Book Designer for Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris cooked dinner nightly for another designer and I, as we designed her bestselling book "I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence" from her studio apartment in the West Village. Her bunny, Tina, ate my laptop case.


BFA Communication Design at Carnegie Mellon University

Majored in Communication Design, with minors in Photography and Creative Writing


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Keep it weird

While design and creative direction is very serious business, it's also not. I am a nerd, a big goofball, and I like to have fun - both at work and in life. As my dear friend Chat Geepeetee says: Keeping it weird is essential for nurturing creativity and fostering individuality. Embracing the unconventional and celebrating uniqueness allows us to break free from societal norms, encouraging innovation, and opening doors to fresh perspectives. By embracing the weird, we create a more colorful and vibrant world that thrives on diversity and encourages authenticity.

Clear & transparent communication

I truly believe that open and honest communication is the backbone of a successful and tightly-knit team. It's all about clearly expressing our expectations, goals, and project objectives, while also taking the time to actively listen to each other. By fostering an environment of trust and understanding, I aim to create spaces where creativity can blossom and thrive.

Embrace adaptability & innovation

I lean into experimentation, take calculated risks, and am passionate about exploring new ideas, approaches, and ways of doing things. I stay informed about industry trends and emerging technologies, and love sharing knowledge publicly in hopes of inspiring and teaching others.

Foster collaboration

Throughout my entire career I've found that leaning into collaboration with others not only produces the best outcomes, but it's also more fun & rewarding. As a leader, I encourage collaboration, open communication, and strive to build a culture of feedback amongst team members. I pride myself in creating safe spaces where ideas can be freely shared and constructive feedback is welcomed.

Balance strategy with creativity

I understand the importance of balancing creativity with strategic objectives. I encourage innovative thinking while ensuring that creative ideas align with the overarching goals and vision of our projects or organization. By fostering this balance, I believe boundaries can be pushed, impactful results can be achieved, and creative visions can be brought to life.

You can find Jessica talking about work and life online on twitter, and linkedin. She can be reached about work, interviews, and speaking here .