Cloudflare Better Internet Campaign


In October 2018, Cloudflare embarked on its inaugural national advertising campaign, marking a significant milestone for the company. Leveraging a multi-channel approach, we deployed offline placements in prominent locations such as New York and San Francisco, utilizing billboards, wildpostings, subway takeovers, and bus wraps. Additionally, we strategically secured digital placements across the web, including high-profile takeovers on and

The primary objectives of this campaign revolved around elevating brand awareness and capturing the attention of enterprise organizations seeking robust web security and performance services. Our aim was to establish Cloudflare as a purpose-driven company deeply committed to democratizing the Internet. To achieve this, our creative strategy focused on projecting a bold, distinct, and unparalleled image - a play on protest posters - that would set us apart from our direct competitors.

This campaign is inspired by the 1960s’ grass-roots political protest signs which reemerged during the Obama era and were floating around  on social media in the age of Trump. The messages are direct and provocative. These do NOT look like polished corporate IT ads.  Instead, they look raw, human, and slightly irreverent. They look like they’ve been created fast, furiously, and frugally, by a team of folks inspired to make their message known and to make a difference.

This campaign introduces the Cloudflare brand loudly and unapologetically.  We aren’t going to politely articulate the functional specs and features of our services, instead we’ll scream out the benefits demanded by our customers.  Down with DDoS!  Fight Global Hacking! Impeach latency! These direct, call-to-action messages are intended to not only grab attention but to also invite the world to join us in our noble cause.

Wildposting placement in NYC
San Francisco Civic Center BART takeover
SF BART takeover
San Francisco bus wrap

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