Cloudflare Join the Movement campaign


Cloudflare is a bold, mission-driven organization.  They are a technology disruptor and democratizer, taking complex and sophisticated network technologies, and making them available to organizations both large and small.  Cloudflare is positioned to not only serve some of the world's largest enterprises, but to also serve minority groups, the disenfranchised, and even the rebellious. The nature of the company's role in the Internet ecosystem sometimes puts them in the middle of criticism and controversy but they don’t shrink from the responsibility that rests on their shoulders.

This campaign is all about being bold, provocative, and declarative in proclaiming who Cloudflare is and what they do.  After all, they aren’t just another IT company -- they’re on a very real mission to help build a better Internet -- and if their message isn’t equally bold and provocative, they're effectively compromising who they are as brand.  They needed a message to match their mission. The concept is an conceptual and visual evolution from the 2018 brand campaign, playing into the grassroots protest theme and this time, inviting passerbys to come along and join the movement.

Creative direction: Jess Rosenberg
Copywriting: Peter Rudy
Design: Drew Herron
Lettering: Dirty Bandits

San Francisco BART takeover at Embarcadero station
San Francisco billboard
Campaign landing page linking out to various features
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