Webflow: Are you afraid of the feedback?


This spooky site pokes fun at all of the scary feedback designers tend to receive throughout their career. The opportunity at hand was to create a playful web experience around Halloween that would resonate with our designer audiences, and also demonstrate the power of Webflow by building the entire experience with the Webflow product. We time blocked this into a 2-week sprint, and because of the incredibly talented team working on this paired with the power of the Webflow product, we were able to do it!

Live site here

Creative Direction: Jess Rosenberg
Design Direction: Maria Gonzalez
Illustration: Kyle Benson
Web design & Webflow development: Johnnie Gomez Alzaga
Custom code: Adam Kuhn
Copy: Hannah Herman
Social strategy: Pat Timmons
PM: Bianca Lindner
Motion + scene work: Stuart Wade

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