Volkswagen Sign then Drive campaign


Each year, Volkswagen ran their flagship sale they called the “Sign Then Drive” event. For this specific year’s event, the creative challenge was to promote it in a creative way that convinced potential buyers as to how easy it really is to identify the car you want, quickly sign for it, and drive away. And because the Volkswagen brand was quirky and into taking creative risks, my copywriting partner (Katy Hornaday) and I came up with this campaign idea that was quickly accepted by our clients at VW. The concept revolved around the buyers’ signatures: the craft of them, what their signatures might reveal about who they are as people, and most importantly what their signatures reveal about which type of Volkswagen most suits them. The campaign consisted of interactive digital ads, national broadcast TV commercials, and print advertising.

Print ads paying homage to famous historical signatures
Back when interactive digital ads were all the rage
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